Yihai Beijing

Inter Academy


Top-level Italian coaching methods used at the F.C. Internazionale youth academy in Milan, are adopted here at Inter Academy Yihai Beijing. Inter’s technical director and coach will directly deliver training sessions both to local coaches and players.
Inter Academy Yihai Beijing focuses on local players from 4 to 15 years old, developing a systematic youth football coaching program. It’s aims are to spread interest in football among Beijing kids, improve local players’ football abilities and nurture talents, not only for Beijing, but for all China. We focus on players social, psychological, physical and technical development, encouraging the realization of healthy living habits, decision making ability and the spirit of team work. At the same time, we help them improve their strength, agility and reflexes.

We promote healthy competition and skills acquisition. We help children learn to respect each other, while doing their best to win. We encourage self -discipline and persistence, as we believe in learning through mistakes. Misteks at Inter Academy are an opportunity to learn, not something to be afraid of. We encourage players to have healthy, vigorous and an optimistic attitude towards life.

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